Our team has always believed in a different concept of community, just like our guests and contributors who have decided, from the beginning, to be part of a team so various, eclectic and, first of all, truly cosmopolitan.

Imagine citizens who with their own skills and, why not, even through simple passions and ideas, people who, living all over the world, bring new experiences, new practices and other creative communities, active and cooperative, all together to form one large community. This is the real advantage of the internet macroverse in which connectivity, swiftness and the wish to extend and to expand towards other fields has become a contemporary practice that anticipates a future very close to us. 

Tablet2.0 is not only a project of independent information and communication, it is just one possible point of arrival in which many people are in constant contact and exchange, even without necessarily meeting up in person.

Welcome to Your community, then. Tell us also what you believe is still possible.

Our Big Team, has just begun.