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Pantone Hotel: When Hospitality and Colour Come together, they Design a New Lifestyle

In Brussels, a new entrepreneurial dream becomes a new experience, in every sense, for all the senses.

If the concept of a creative company in the corporate culture of the new millennium is almost a prevailing aphorism, the concept of universality of brand was for Pantone group, a real philosophy, not just business, ever since its appearance in the international sectorial market.

Since the time that the brand has provided a wide range of concretely practical match system solutions to support art directors, printers, advertising, industrial and graphic designers, fashion stylists and digital designers who still make use of the countless application solutions which offer the best of Pantone’s knowledge, creative thinking about colour and extends its versatility to the lifestyle of everyday life, not necessarily restricted to the business target.

Pantone Universe, a project directly conceived and realised with Pantone Color Research, further opens its production versatility to different product fields in which style, design and trends intersect in a decidedly global mix. From household and kitchen, to fabrics, not least furnishing, gifts or desirable items  in common use. This expands into another idea of product placement, utterly recognisable and classifiable in Pantone Universe, to draw and redraw another way of understanding style even in hospitality and hotel industry, in an entrepreneurial project that sees upon its start-up in Brussels in the new Pantone Hotel; a business tourism idea repeatable elsewhere and for anyone who loves being on vacation or just for business, in an environment where a new concept of hospitality projects each visitor into a really full macroverse of colors that reinvents a real experience, possibly worth talking about and where maybe they will find themselves more than once.

But what makes a group of entrepreneurs identify the Pantone Universe brand as an opportunity for launching a new model of Hospitality and Accommodation? Why connect with a brand that is well known in specific fields much more strongly linked to a certain creative industry? Why stay in a Pantone Hotel and why Brussels?

We talked about this with Daniel Trafikant, Sales Manager Pantone Hotel, Brussels.


1) Mounsieur Trafikant, Thanks for your participation. How was born the idea to join the Pantone Universe brand? Why this particular entrepreneurial choice?

D.T. The idea was to offer a hospitality service to our potential guests with a unique and different approach to guest experience.

Together with our interior designer, Mr. Michel Penneman, the hotel owner wanted to provide guests with an affordable design atmosphere and comfort.

In terms of design, the first association that came to mind was, of course, Pantone and this is how the idea to join the Pantone Universe Brand was born.

2) Why stay, albeit temporarily, in a Pantone Hotel? What makes it different from others? Why does it become a veritable "experience" for visitors?


D.T In terms of Guests Service and Contact, The Pantone Hotel is a small and intimate hotel due to its size of 61 rooms. Therefore, our service team has a true, special, direct and caring contact with the guest. Our staff is trained to create memorable experiences and memories for our guests.

In terms of the product, each floor in our hotel, a total of 8, features a different type of color, from Blue to a Multi Color one. We believe that colors also emphasize and direct emotions.

Therefore, at check in time and upon reservation, guests are able to choose the type of room color they prefer. We truly encourage guests to choose their room color in terms of their personal mood prior and during their stay (of course upon availability).

We also wished to bring the city of Brussels into the hotel rooms and to provide some culture in terms of photography. Each room features art photography of unique places in Brussels by Mr. Victor Levy. The photos further correspond to the room colors and we communicate and educate guests about the colors used in the photography and their unique Pantone reference. 

We also wished to bring the city of Brussels into the hotel rooms and to provide some culture in terms of photography. Each room features an art photography of unique places in Brussels by Mr. Victor Levy. The photos further correspond to the room colors, communicate and educate guests about the colors used in the photography and their unique Pantone reference.

3) Obviously we believe that you know very well the impact and the influence of colours on the behaviors and feelings of any person and this is uses in some relaxation therapies and treatment in different health centres. Could you tell us how a stay in a Hotel full of  colours could influence behaviors and tastes? What kind of socio-psychological studies were done before you opened your Hotel?

D.T. Together with the interior designer, we wished to provide comfort and the sense of open space to our guests in order to provide the sense of tranquility.

This was done by offering our guests top quality bedding structure, such as Egyptian cotton sheets, high quality mattresses etc, as well as placing large bright windows in each room.

Through the choice of tranquil oriented colors to the rooms we trust our guests could truly sense the tranquility of their stay.

4) Who is the Pantone Hotel essentially  for? What kind of different services does it offer to customers who stay in an international Capital such as Brussels?

D.T. The Pantone Hotel Brussels of course welcome and is open for any one. It is our pleasure welcoming Business guests, leisure guests, families, individual guests and groups.

Due to our location, Brussels is the Capital of Europe, during the week, the hotel is mainly attended by business guests and groups while during the weekend, the hotel serves mainly leisure guests and groups.

5) The concept of Hotel, for some time, has changed. In a Pantone Hotel we suppose that style and design, in which color and comfort are the masters, are accompanied by events and initiatives that communicate as much as possible the social importance of a brand: What is the particular event that particular Pantone Hotel could boast, of in terms of impact and tourist-social fallout?

D.T. As we aim to provide tranquility to our guests, for the moment, we do not include special events at the hotel. The staff of the hotel are continuously aware of special events in the city, mainly design oriented and thus guide our guests. We furthermore, corporate with many design and expo events in the city closely thus, this shapes the feeling and ambiance at the hotel. Lastly, this summer, we will start some interesting Summer Package deals that correspond to Pantone newest colors - STAY TUNED!

6) If other new entrepreneurs from different countries and cities, would ask a feed-back on your entrepreneurial journey, what could be a possible budget for their first entrepreneurial starter with the Pantone Universe brand ? Would you recommend it ? What could be done better in other Pantone Hotel?

D.T. This should be discussed more with the Pantone Universe brand.  In our case, budget wise, taking on board the Pantone standards, name and regulations was profitable.


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