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Monika Boshkova writes fresh stories about trends, travels, gossip and news that young people wants

Monika Boshkova, 21, from Moldavia, founder of the International lifestyle and travel blog ‘Ydword.com’.

Following her half-year Erasmus experience in Business and Economy in Australia, combined with her passion for travel, lifestyles and contemporary trends and coming into contact with new countries, cultures, and traditions, Monika returned to her native land to create a blog, Ydeword,  in which she shares these elements between the two hemispheres.

A perfect mixture of lifestyle items and cool stories written in English, the site has attracted attention from various brands and tourist destinations; it is totally unmissable and to be shared at 3.0 full speed.

Monika's passion for travel, fashion and the trends and tastes of many young people of her age, have allowed her blog to grow from a simple page in which to share experiences and, why not, short and long term, dreams, to  become a much more articulated and structured communication tool that looks like a lot of different portals on the web today.

Monika’s enthusiasm, freshness and especially, her passions are told through her voice exclusively for Tablet.


1) Monika, thank you as well to be in our magazine. Would you like to describe your entrepreneurial mission?

M.B. “At the end of 2016, I started a blog, Wide Word, with my travel experiences as well as trending topics and advices on life in general. After that, I added several more topics like gastronomy, healthy living, psychology, and news so it no longer resembles a blog with my personal experiences only. As an owner of a website, I see myself as a digital entrepreneur, creator of all the articles and the marketing promotion of the page”.

2) Your entrepreneurial idea was born for passion or for a precise market analysis?

M.B. “It was born strictly out of my passion for writing. I started it without doing any analysis because I was following my heart and the idea that made me extremely satisfied at that point. The research followed afterward”.

3) In our life, courage is a fundamental part; when you did decide to create an enterprise did you get doubts before starting? If yes, which ones?

M.B. “Yes, I had the usual fear of failure but that didn’t last much because I knew it depends on me and how much work I put into it. Something that concerned me more was the idea that there is a lot of competition on the market for this kind of business so I would need to invest big amounts of money in marketing and promotion to differ from the competition. Additionally, the fact that I am still a student made the financial situation even harder. However, I realized that if I create something different and fresh I can grab the reader’s attention and stand out from the rest”.

4) If your current enterprise could unsucceed, would you embark on again in another adventure?

M.B. “Yes, without a doubt. I have always wanted to have the freedom to create something of my own. If this time my start-up appears to be unsuccessful, I will start again, and as more experienced, my chances of success will be bigger”.

5) Which could be a possible vision of yourself in the next five years?

M.B. “I envision myself as a graduate marketing manager still working in the sphere of the internet. Besides Wide Word, my website, I plan on expanding my knowledge and work to graphic designing and video editing so I can spread my network of connections and collaborate with more people around the world since I love the idea of working and traveling”.

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